Saturday, June 25, 2011

Love spells performed with menstrual blood, good or very bad?

Welcome to my blog, and thank you for reading. Since this is my first blog post I'll quickly introduce myself. My name is Luna, I am from Salem, Massachusetts born and raised. I am also a life long Wiccan who practices white magic solely. I am a member of a coven of 13 witches located here in Salem, Mass. I am also the acting high priestess of that coven as well. I come from a very prominent family here in Salem with Family ancestry dating back all the way to the witch trials. I was raised in the ways of traditional witchcraft from childhood and it is still my religion today. I believe my personal story may be of some interest to some of you. And eventually I plan on going into more detail about me, my beliefs and witchcraft in general. Instead of doing that today I would really like to shed some light and education on something I have been hearing a lot a bout Lately in fact all too often. I would like to take a second to talk about a particular practice of a certain kind of witchcraft. That would be the casting or attempted casting of typically a specific black magic love spell, but it can also be also used to curse or hex someone. For those of you who know about it. You have probably heard it referred to as the love spell performed with a woman's menstrual blood or using other bodily fluids, urine, semen etc. There are many different kinds of witchcraft and many different ways to practice it. I practice personally traditional for example. Others sometimes with good intentions and sometimes without knowing practice what is called black magic. Also, voodoo, hoodoo and generalized the dark occult. I feel personally very compelled to start this blog to specifically make people aware of what this spell really is all about. As in my line of business and personal practices of my religion I have recently seen a rise in clearly the misled use of this spell and its casting. Let me explain some more, as I said before, there are many different types of witchcraft. Unfortunately, the darker kind tends to occasionally mislead good intentioned people into doing some very stupid, dangerous and very consequential things. That 9/10 times end up somehow or someway getting some innocent person hurt and it needs to stop. Sometimes, people pose as witches to intentionally scam people out of their hard-earned money and it ends up giving us real witches a very bad name that we have fought to change for hundreds of years. A real which is loving, caring, and wants to help people as those are the ethics we live by. If that wasn't bad enough and that's bad! Occasionally you will find a real which who is just plain bad. Every Apple has a bad seed, We cannot help that. Those people who have been practicing black magic and devil worship need to stop manipulating innocent people to do their dirty work because people are getting hurt. Whether or not you believe in witchcraft or a religion or a God. I am telling you for certain there is more to the world than you think and you have to do more than just open your eyes to see it. I am also telling you for certain witchcraft, spells, ancient rituals. It's all real and has real world consequences. It's not just a game as some people seem to think it is. I cannot count the amount of innocent lovers who were just desperate to mend a relationship and were taken  advantage of with this evil, disgusting spell. Not knowing the repercussion when initially having the spell cast that it is truly a curse to both you and your partner. If you have had this spell cast in the past by someone else or yourself. I'm sure since it has happened you have noticed your obvious bad luck, chaotic life, relationship problems, etc. etc. the list goes on that have just randomly started happening ever since the spell was cast. Most people don't realize they're cursed until it's too late and end up with a terrible life.  I'm sure someone reading this right now knows exactly what I'm talking about. And that's probably why you're searching for this article. And nobody can imagine the hell it is to be truly cursed! This spell in particular is one of the more powerful evil spells I have ever seen cast upon innocent people. How do you know if you have been cursed? It's very simple actually, take a good look at your life before a specific incident such as having  this menstrual blood spell cast or sometimes a specific traumatic incident you know what I'm talking about. And that's all it takes. Once you realize it's more than just bad luck. As who could have that much bad luck especially for that long continuously. Anyone, who can relate to what I just said 100% should seriously consider the following. Go see a witch a real which who practices white magic only like a Wiccan, only good can be done by white magic's nature. If you don't believe it's real. Go ask a priest about possession or evil. Any priest who knows what he's talking a bout will admit openly about evil and what it does and how real it is. I have done personally more curse removals recently than I have in a long time. It's the sign of a trend and has many causes, but the number one cause I hate to see the most is this menstrual blood spell. Please believe me when I tell you it is pure evil. Magic can be fun, it can give you many great gifts, amazing gifts but remember, you're playing with fire. Please be cautious in the future with whom you trust. That's all I ask of anyone who reads this. If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact me anytime. I am here to help that’s what I do. Thank you for reading and I hope this will help at least 1 person and I'll be satisfied.

Luna, High Priestess
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